About Us

Conneckto is designed to provide refreshment and entertainment in short doses to its users. Our aim at conneckto is to keep our users free from the monotonous game and routine that they use on the internet.
It is designed to provide new fresh content in from of apps and games, and also relative to the users to bring in that sense of nostalgia at times.
In today's world its very easy to drown oneself in the work flow and burn out easily. we look to solve that problem. conneckto does not require app downloads, or to exercise your brain, there by making it a very convenient mode of getting your mind stress free and bringing in that balance to help you be more efficient.

It has one of the largest collection of apps and games in its portfolio which helps the user break monotony and use apps just for fun.

In a life where social media is the world where most of our interactions take place, Conneckto gives you ammo to share a joke with/on your friends, and thereby help to spice up your social media presence.

We give every app/game a lot of thought to make it a wonderful experience for you. so get going and break the routine that you have set yourself on the internet.